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Industrial and commercial HND at IUGET

312 graduates receive their diplomas

A total of 323 graduates received their diplomas from members of the top management of Institut des Grandes Ecoles des Tropiques (IUGET) at the main campus at Rond-point Maetur Bonamoussadi. An impressive ceremony organised in their honour, coupled with an evening of festivities, things which inspired most of those who chose this institute for their training.


A festive atmosphere prevailed on Saturday 07 October 2023 on Campus. Quickly, the IUGET’s partner companies stormed the campus with their life-size stands, waiting for the ceremony to begin. The band is playing good music. Gradually, the friends and relatives of the award-winners (graduates) made their way in, bouquets of flowers in hand, taking their places under the tarpaulins that were majestically deployed, as the ‘First Class’ hall could not contain all the people who had come to give the graduates a standing ovation.

From the outset, two representatives of the graduates went on the podium to say a few words on behalf of their fellow classmates, respectively CARMEL Edouard from the commercial speciality and TCHAWO NZENGANG Gabriel from the industrial speciality. According to the representative of the commercial speciality, "One man has worked to ensure that we are here today, and that man is none other than his Honourable NGUEPI Joseph, founder of IUGET". This was an opportunity for CARMEL Edouard to say thank you to the proprietor as well as to the entire supervisory staff, not forgetting his constant concern for the success of the students. Like his predecessor, TCHAWO NZENGANG Gabriel, from the industrial speciality, also returned to the notion of gratitude, quoting an author. ‘’Gratitude," he said, “goes far beyond thanks; it is expressed through actions and attitudes.

On the importance of this Anglo-Saxon diploma, the Higher National Diploma (HND), the Director of ISTTI, Dr Divine NDOH, began his speech by saying something very important: education and training are priceless, not without taking a flashback into the past to recall where we were and where we are today. In 2013, he said, when the first courses were launched at IUGET, the HND department had just eight (08) students. Today there are hundreds of students. Divine NDOH ended his speech by saying that the students themselves are the best ambassadors of IUGET, for it is them who bear witness, wherever they may be, to the quality of the teaching they have received, not without announcing the good news to graduates who wish to continue their studies at the IUGET for the Bachelor’s cycle that the President has just granted a reduction of 50,000 FCFA on school fees.

It was up to the Director of Academic Affairs, Dr DJOU André Ilaire, to announce the results, after thanking each member of the students’ academic staff. Out of a total of 229 candidates in the commercial speciality, 214 passed their exams, for a pass rate of 93.45%. In the industrial speciality, 87 candidates sat the exam and 82 passed, giving a pass rate of 94.25%.

Before the presentation of the diplomas, the special adviser to his Majesty NGUEPI, Professor John EGBE EBAÎ, in his capacity as representative of the founding president of IUGET, closed the series of allocations. Passing on the President’s message to the students, he said: "Training does not stop once you have obtained your diploma, because the HND and the BTS are only intermediate diplomas that prepare you for even greater academic and professional careers". So they need to prepare themselves to take on even greater challenges, while applying these few words of advice from the founding chairman: doing what you love in life is the expression of passion; once you do your job with passion, success is the end result; beyond passion there is endurance and perseverance in the work; conquering the world and planning everything you do. Add to these, qualities such as honesty, sincerity and respect for others.   











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